Yourself And All Together

from by Chaos Order




Completely avoiding the issue.
The issue here is you.
Where were you? nowhere to be found.
And who are you without the crown?
Did you forget whats important?
Closed your eyes and chose to ignore it.

Always running from yourselves.
Living with your hell and yourself.


Completely, Completely, Completely avoiding the issue.
Completely, So Completely, Completely avoiding the issue.
Looking over here, looking over there.
Looking everywhere and never going anywhere.
What you chose to be, what you hope to see.
Another mask will never hide the same old misery.]

Always running from yourselves.
Any place you hope to find a way out.
Living with your hell and yourself.


Cant you taste the hate.
Cant you bare the weight.
Cant hide from your own eyes.
Its you whom you despise.
The devil you know.
The devil you dont know.
Make the old pain look new.
Sometimes I'm sorry you have to live with you]

Turning the knob of a locked door.
Never say I betrayed you.
You betrayed you.

Thoughts give life to memories that possess my mind.
Reassuring, I'm unlike you.
You betrayed you.

(C) Chaos Order: Bledsoe/Mooney 2015


from Distant Chords Of Disharmony, released September 15, 2015
Neal Bledsoe - Vocals.
Jared Filsinger- Bass.
Austin Russell - Guitars.
Samuel Davidson - Drums.

Chris Turnbow - Additional Guitar Leads

Ceylon Mooney - Guest Vocals.

Recorded by Alan Burcham in Memphis,TN at Ardent Studios and Secret Team Headquarters. Additional vocal production recorded by:David Cowell at Rock Hard Studios and Central Studios.

Mastered by: Brad Boatright at AUDIOSEIGE.



all rights reserved


Chaos Order Memphis, Tennessee

Chaos Order has been writing, recording, and playing live shows relentlessly since their inception in late 2011.

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